Stop the Madness

Derelict Buildings can have a very demoralising effect on a whole community. It is unsightly to say the least. It’s a clear message to potential businesses that investment in such areas would be unwise.

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Rainwater Harvesting

The idea of allowing rainwater to fall on your roof then direct the flow by way of gutter and drainpipes into a municipal pipe network where it eventually finds its way out to sea or rivers is madness.

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Generating your own Electricity

This should become a standard for domestic homes in this current climate of carbon foot-printing. The most popular types of home generation are Solar and wind.

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Log Cabins and

Timber Homes
What is a Sustainable Home?
A sustainable home is a dwelling that possesses a low carbon footprint and at the same time is complementary to the overall environment.


The Passive House standard is composed of several strict performance requirements for new building construction. The resulting performance represents a roughly 90% reduction in heating and cooling energy usage.

Find A Plumber

Find an Electrician
If you want to be sure that your plumber or electrician is fit for the job of works then check if they are registered with the appropriate quality association, examples of such would be the APHCI, RGI (for Gas systems) or RECI for electricians