SFB-AL Slimline 20 Tube 58mm Solar Panel

High-Spec Solar Kit for the Professional Installer - 5820

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Air Tightness Testing - Click here

We will:
• Measure the amount of air leaks in your home using our specialised blower door equipment in accordance with I.S. EN 13829:2000
• Show you where the leaks occur using smoke detectors and thermal imaging camera
• Issue a full report of the test
• After leaks are sealed we will re-test to show the improved air tightness in the building*

* All prices apply to a standard 3 bed semi-detached home, for other dwelling types please enquire. * Offer applies to air tightness testing, leak detection, reporting and re-testing. Sealing work excluded. Sealing depends on extent of air leakage.

Draught Proofing - click here

We will:
• Detect air leaks using a Blower Door Fan
• Subsequently seal holes and cracks in the building *
• Typical areas of air leakage/draughts are doors, windows, ceilings, floors, walls, pipework, electrical fittings etc.

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