Sustainable Homes Ireland was set up in 2015 with the intention of being and source of information for the Renewable Energy business in Ireland. We target both the suppliers of Energy products and services and users. The users are those living in all different types of dwellings be them houses, apartments, mobile homes, caravans and any other type of habitable unit.

See our Energy and Insulation Tab. This will bring you directly to the renewable energy contractors for your area. The renewable energy categories are listed below as follows:

 Blower Door Air Tightness Testing

 Building Energy Rating Ber

 Wood Burning Stoves and Boilers

Boiler Services

Cavity Wall Insulation

Electrical Underfloor Heating

Exterior Wall Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Renewable Electricity

Heat Pumps

Heat Recovery Ventilator

Hydro Energy

Internal Wall Insulation

Oil and Gas Central Heating

Solar PV

Rainwater Harvesting

Roof Attic Insulation

Solar Hot Water Heating

Thermal Imaging

Underfloor Heating

Wastewater Management

Wind Energy

Windows Door and Porches

The main focus of Sustainable Homes Ireland is the lowering of your carbon footprint whilst at the same time making savings on your energy bills for our customers. A useful source of information is the UK Energy Savings Trust Quick Wins Energy Saving Guide or the SEAI Energy Saving Tips.

We provide valuable information for all types of energy products and services. Typically these could be solar hot water heating, solar pv for electricity generation, wind turbines, home insulation, heat pumps, heating controllers, energy-saving windows to name but a few. We will add new products and services to our list as soon as they become available for public consumption or at an advanced stage of research.

We welcome your feedback. Please email us at info@sustainablehomes.ie.