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List of Qualified BER Assessors

Welcome to Sustainable Homes Ireland's listing page for qualified BER Assessors in your area.

The BER Energy Rating Systems ranges from an A1 for an excellent energy efficient home to a G for an extremely poor energy efficient home.

A typical cost, according to the SEAI, for heating a 75 m² home would be around the €280 whereas a G rated home could cost up to €3000 to maintain the same degree of heat comfort.

A brief explanation of BER energy rating

The BER energy rating of your home depends on the number of qualified energy-saving measures that apply to your are home. A BER assessor will carry out a number of measurements in relation to doors, windows, floors, walls and roof spaces. Many factors such as degree of insulation as well as the method of heating your home will be taking into account during the assessment.

Best Energy Rating = A1
Worst Energy Rating = G


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