Boiler Services

Boiler Services

Boiler Services Installers and Technicians Nationwide.

Have you ever asked yourself the question “where can I find a boiler service engineer near me?”

Well you are in luck because this page identifies boiler service contractors and plumbing services nationwide. Our nationwide listing is divided into 5 regions. These are Munster, Leinster, Ulster, Connaught and Midlands. For example:

    • Say you are looking for boiler services in Dublin, Kilkenny or Drogheda, you look first under Leinster below.
    • Or maybe you require boiler repair services in Cork or Limerick then simply go to the Munster section.
    • For Mullingar, Portlaoise or Longford, you could look under Midlands.
    • For plumbers or oil and gas boiler services in Derry or Belfast look under Ulster or Leinster.
    • For plumbers, water heater repair services, boiler repair services or plumbing services in Westport or Galway look under Connaught or Midlands.
    • But if you have lots of time on your hands you could try all five.

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Some important information regarding boiler services and carbon monoxide detection:

    • Boilers should be serviced regularly.
    • Every boiler should have a date for next service notice attached to it. If in doubt call your local boiler service company or consult a gas service engineer.
    • All boilers whether they are fueled by gas or oil need to be maintained to a high standard.
    • Consider upgrading your boiler if your boiler service technician deems it wise and you can afford it.
    • If you are fortunate enough to have an energy efficient boiler then you will also be the beneficiary of lower fuel bills.
    • The carbon footprint of individual home dwellers is extremely important from a global climatic point of view which is another good reason for ensuring that your boiler is regularly serviced or upgraded.

Gas Safety at Home

Boiler Services

Boiler Services

Under current government regulations it is a mandatory requirement for a registered gas installer (RGI) to issue a Declaration of Conformance Certificate (Completion Certificate). This should be done when each gas service job is completed. the following warnings and advice should be heeded at all times by the Consumer:

  • Every home should be fitted with a carbon monoxide detector.
  • If you smell gas, call Gas Networks Ireland  immediately. Vacate everybody from the home without delay. Emergency phone numbers 1850 205050

Some facts about Boilers

  • In Ireland your oil and gas central heating will experience the most energy load from October through to April. During these months your boiler would be working very hard to keep up with the demands of the colder months. Therefore, the summer would be an excellent time to call boiler repair services or a gas service engineer.
  • Summer is a good time to connect with your local oil and gas plumbing technician for advice. Heating engineering companies are normally less busy during this time of year. It could also save you money.
  • A useful reference guide is the RGI registered gas installer technical guidance document 2017.