Building Energy Rating BER

List of Qualified Building Energy Rating  BER

Find a qualified Building Energy Rating BER  Assessors in your area recommended for you.  These are divided into 5 regions, Leinster, Munster, Ulster, Midlands and Connaught for your convenience.






The Building Energy Rating - BER , also known as the Building Energy Rating Scheme is a measure of energy efficiency of a building.  The values used in this rating system range from an 'A' for an excellent energy efficient home to a 'G' for an extremely poor energy efficient home.

Building Energy Rating BER

Save money on your heating bills

It makes sense to get a Building Energy Rating BER done on your home. The energy efficiency of a building is a measure of how much money you can save on your heating bills. According to research done by Electric Ireland    The average 3 bedroom semi detached house built before 2004 would more than likely have an 'E1' Building Energy Rating  BER ratingThe annual cost of heating such a home could be as high as €2450.  A home with a BER rating of 'C', on the other hand would probably cost around €1300. So you can see that substantial savings can be made by improving your energy efficiency. 

There are a number of measures that can improve the energy efficiency of your home thus improving the energy rating, these are:

  • Introduce better energy saving windows and doors.
  • Install energy saving heating systems such as Heat Pumps.
  • Replace incandescent lights with energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Install mechanical ventilation systems such as Heat Recovery Ventilation.
  • Install  renewable hot water systems such as Solar Hot Water Heating

Verifying the credentials of your chosen Assessor

After you select your Building Energy Rating BER rating Assessor from the list below you may wish to verify if that individual is currently registered with the SEAI.  This can be done by checking the National BER Register. This is a link to SEAI BER Register

A brief explanation of BER energy rating

The BER, of your home depends on the number of qualified energy-saving measures that apply to your dwelling. A qualified  assessor will carry out a various measurements in relation to doors, windows, floors, walls and roof spaces. Many factors such as degree of insulation as well as the method of heating your home will be taking into account during the assessment.
Best Energy Rating = 'A'
Worst Energy Rating = 'G'