Electric Underfloor Heating

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Electric Floor Heating

Electric Floor Heating

According to Walter Stephens of the Tile and Devi Centre, in an article in the Irish Independent Newspaper, underfloor heating is an affordable luxury. He also believes that it is very economical to run. Read more. 

A popular type of electric underfloor heating system consist of fibreglass heating mats with cables embedded into it folded in such a way as to give a consistent heat from wall to wall.  Alternatively, the electric  cable can be placed in-situ on an insulated underlay and covered with thermal overlay The degree of insulation underneath the cable is critical to the efficiency of the system.   Electric underfloor heating must not be confused with water based underfloor heating


  • Evenly distributed heat from wall to wall.
  • If you already have renewable sources of electricity such as wind or solar then this can be a very low carbon solution to heating your home.
  • Heating from floor to ceiling can reduce the affect of differential heat discomfort compared to radiator systems for example.

Disadvantages :

  • The initial cost outlay can be high.
  • Not suitable for concrete floors unless that floor is well insulated close to the top of the screed.