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List of External / Exterior Wall Insulation Technicians

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Some brief information on External / Exterior Wall Insulation:
This is probably the best form of wall insulation. If done properly there should be little or no thermal bridges in the wall spaces.
Thermal Bridges are small spaces in the insulated wall where u-values will be higher than the overall insulated wall. Thus heat losses will occur in these areas, albeit in small amounts.

Advantages of External / Exterior Wall Insulation

  • Improved heat retention.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • No air leaks in the walls if airtight membranes are applied during the application stage.
  • Significant improvement in energy rating

Disavantages of External / Exterior Wall Insulation

  • Altered texture to the external walls of your home. However, In many cases, the external insulation can look better than the original.
  • High cost of works.
  • A longer time to complete this type of installation due to the complexities of the works involved which could include cutting part of the existing concrete window sill.


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