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List of Foam Insulation Companies

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Some brief information on Foam Insulation
Foam insulation is applied in liquid form on site. This liquid hardens very quickly. The foam applicator consists of two different chemicals that are released simultaneously from two different nozzles. Upon release, they form a bond which results in an instantaneous form of the insulation material. The ratio of one constituent chemical, involved in this process, to the other is critical. Only very experienced professionals should be considered for this type of insulation process as an imbalance in chemical bonding can lead to very strong odours being introduced into your home. Rectifying this error can be extremely difficult to resolve. However, I have yet to hear of one such mishap in Ireland.

Good references and names of previous clients should be sought from the Foam Insulation company you choose.

Advantages of Foam Insulation:

  • Very efficient installation process.
  • Can be applied between roof rafters very quickly.
  • No harmful fibres.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Can reach difficult areas to access by other forms of insulation.
  • Improvement in energy rating.

Disavantages of Foam Insulation:

  • Incorrect chemical bonding can lead to strong odours.
  • Very difficult to remove once applied.




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