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Some brief information on Heat Pumps

A Heat Pump is an electrical gadget that takes heat from one location and transfers it to another. A Heat Pump can be used for heating or cooling, operating on the same principle as a refrigerator.

A common way of supplying heat to a heat pump is by taking air from the outside atmosphere. Even cold air has heat energy. However, very cold air will not meet this criterion. The Heat pump draws heat from the atmosphere at low temperatures and converts it into high temperature for use in the home. This type of heat pump is known as an Air Source Heat Pump.

Advantages of Heat Pumps:

  • Extremely Low carbon emmissions at source.
  • They are very efficient at converting energy into heat.
  • Can be used for both heating and cooling.
  • Take up very little space.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Improvement in Energy Rating.

Disavantages of Heat Pumps:

  • Initial costs can be high.
  • Very dependent on the cost of electricity; this can be offset, to some extent, by introducing solar or wind source electricity into your home.
  • Very cold outside-temperatures will effect the operation of the heat pump.


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