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Oil and Gas Central Heating

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Some brief information on Oil and Gas Central Heating

There are two distinct components to Oil and Gas Central Heating 1. The Boiler and 2.The Hot Water delivery system. Furthermore, there are the safety issues that have to be adhered to. Early detection of any faults in your oil and gas heating systems is of paramount importance. For Gas the detection of a gas odour  is your greatest safety tool, be this by way of smell or carbon monoxide alarm.  Oil heating burners can also be prone to carbon monoxide leaks, although, this would be a very rare occurrence.

If you detect gas by any means vacate everyone from your house without delay. Call gas then Emergency Services. The number is 1850 205050. Do this from a mobile outside your house or from a neighbours house. There are two main issues with leaking gas these are explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning

The Boiler main points:

  • Safety awareness, especially with gas type.
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms required, especially for gas.
  • If you smell gas vacate everyone from your home immediately and call Bord Gais. 1850 205050
  • Boiler efficiency i.e. how much of the input energy is converted to heat energy.
  • Overall efficiency, boiler needs regular servicing.
  • Lower energy bills will be determined by the boiler efficiency.

The Hot Water in Oil and Gas Central Heating systems is used for:

  • Radiators etc.
  • Sinks.
  • Showers and bathtubs.
  • Hot water storage cylinders.

Advantages of Oil and Gas Central Heating:

  • A very efficient form of heating.
  • Very hot water means radiators can be kept to a minimum size wise.
  • Even delivery to all areas being heated, but some areas can have varied heat, for energy saving purposes, if TRV valves are installed.

Disadvantages of Oil and Gas Central Heating:

  • Energy bills can be high if timers are not used properly.
  • Higher energy bills if system is not regularly serviced.
  • Higher energy bills if using old obsolete systems.