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Rainwater Harvesting Systems - RWHS.

All buildings should allow for some degree of capturing rainwater. For domestic homes, this entails placing some form of water container like a water butt or a large underground water storage tank in the vicinity of the drainpipe feeding the gutters.

The Main Components of a RWH System are:

  • A catchment area such as a roof.
  • Collection system such as gutters.
  • A down-pipe from the gutters.
  • A diverter to collect water from the down-pipe.
  • A water storage container such as a butt or tank.

If your homes has large rainwater catchment areas such as roofs and pavements then it would be advisable to invest in large underground water storage facilities. The big advantage of storing water underground is that the water can be kept very fresh due to the constant temperatures experienced below ground level, away from direct sunlight.

Rainwater Uses:

  • Washing clothes - You will need to put an additional storage tank in the attic area of your home and a pump located near the ground tank.
  • Cleaning your car - rainwater is free from chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride which have a tendency to leave water marks on surfaces.
  • Watering your garden - plants love chemical-free rainwater.

A word of Caution:

Rainwater must never be confused with potable water, i.e water which is safe to drink. Although rainwater may look crystal clear it may have been contaminated by bird droppings etc. For Rainwater to be of potable quality it will have to undergo a whole process of water purification.