Solar PV

Solar PV or Photo Voltaic Contractors

This is a comprehensive listing for solar pv, aka photovoltaic suppliers and contractors in your locality. For solar solutions your location in Ireland is of paramount importance. However, don't be put off by the fact that solar radiation is higher in the south-west than the north-east. Solar technology is getting better all the time.

Solar PV or photovoltaic cells generate electricity from the Sun. Ireland is an ideal location for this due to the long solar days especially during summer months.  South-facing is the desired positioning for Solar PV cells or panels. Good results are also found if the panels are facing south-west or south-east.   Solar PV panels should also be mounted so that the incident angle (90 degrees) of the sun more or less strikes the surface of the panel plane at right angles.   The angle of latitude of the sun in Ireland averages around 50 degrees.  This angle varies between summer and winter.  However, when mounting Solar on your roof it is desirable to fix it parallel to the roof which is acceptable.

Solar PV Photo-voltaic

Solar PV Photo-voltaic

Irish Government Restrictions for Domestic Consumers

For smaller solar pv systems you don’t need a licence to install photo-voltaic panels.  However, there are conditions:

For Roof Mounted

  • 15 cm maximum for a sloped roof.
  • For a flat roof this distance can go as high as 50 cm
  • The solar panels should be within a distance of 50 cm from the edge of the roof

For Stand Alone

  • Height of the panels should not exceed 2 m
  • Location should be between front wall and dwelling
  • There must be at least 25 m ²  of free space for private householders after installation.

If in doubt about any aspect of the above or anything to do with micro-generation  please refer to the ESB Networks

Some Additional Information

Before reading this section you may find it useful to refer to Renewable Electricity.

The rated power output for Solar panels is normally stated in watts. This is the amount of power the individual solar photo-voltaic panel is designed to produce every hour of sun exposure at peak times. The peak sun hours will vary throughout the day and the year. So it is crucial to familiarise yourself with these peak times.

Solar Regulators and Battery Banks

The electrical current produced in the Solar PV is delivered to batteries. The flow of the current I, in amps, must be controlled for delivery to the battery bank. Batteries are necessary for the efficient working of a solar electricity system.  A regulator is used for ensuring that the batteries never get overloaded. Overloading can damage batteries but can also   cause explosions.

Inverters for Solar PV

Batteries store DC Direct Current only. This needs to be converted to AC alternating current for household use. The inverter is connected to the system for this purpose. Also the Voltage of the battery bank, 12 – 24 volts, is stepped up to 230 to 240 volts to allow for compatibility with your household electrical appliances and lights.

solar pv

solar pv photovoltaic