Air Tightness Testing

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A brief explanation of airtightness in buildings

The Air Tightness of your home is the degree with which air can be prevented from entering the building envelope, i.e. walls, floors upper floor ceilings roofs, etc., from the outside. Natural ventilation is excluded from airtightness measurements.

Avantages of an Airtight Home

  • Reduction or the complete elimination of cold draughts
  • better fresh air control
  • Reduction in Heat Loss
  • Improvement in Energy Rating

disavantages of an Airtight Home

  • If vents are not working properly then there can be a noticible reduction in the quality of the air inside your home
  • Too hot in Summer if windows and vents have to be kept closed for any reason
  • Reduction in Heat Containment
  • A reduced Energy Rating


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