Biomass Wood Boilers

List of Biomass Wood Boiler Suppliers and Installers

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Some brief information on Biomass Wood Boiler Heating
Biomass Wood Burners/Boilers can be an excellent source of reasonably low-cost heating, particularly if you own some land with trees growing on it. You will cut your timber in Winter and store throughout the Summer to reduce the moisture content. You may have to store for two years to get the best fuel. The dryer the fuel is the less carbon build-up on the flue pipes. Hardwood is best.

Two main types of Wood Burners/Boilers:

  • Log Burners - these can burn almost any type of wood fuel
  • Pellet Burners - can only burn specially designed and processed pelleted wood fuel

Advantages of Biomass Wood Boiler Heating Systems:

  • Can be exceptionally low cost to heat home. Wood pellets may work out a little more expensive so do your homework before you decided which system is best for you
  • A very good alternative to an open fireplace, certainly a lot more efficient
  • Can be adapted to heat hot water for sinks and showers etc.

disavantages of Biomass Wood Boiler Heating Systems:

  • The initial costs can be high as a new flue pipe liner has to be installed.
  • If the Burner/Boiler is inside the home then strong odours can be experienced. This is one of the reasons you may choose pellet over log burners
  • Carbon foot-print is considered neutral but never lower.


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