Heat Recovery Ventilation

List of Heat Recovery Ventilation Companies

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Some brief information on Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV).
If your home is reasonably airtight then you might consider installing a heat recovery ventilation system. HRV apparatus take fresh air from the outside and heated by utilising warm moist stale air from wet areas of your home. This warm wet air heats the cold fresh air by means of heat exchangers before being expelled from your home. The warmed fresh air is delivered to the various areas of your home via ducts and vents.

Advantages of Heat Recovery Ventilation:

  • Cold air infiltration is ketp to an absolute minimum
  • The incoming air can be filtered before entering your living spaces
  • Special pollen filters can be adopted for alergy sufferers

disavantages of Heat Recovery Ventilation Companies:

  • Initial instalation cots are quite high
  • Ducting can be visible in some area for retrofit instalations



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