Roof/Attic Insulation

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Some brief information on Roof and Attic Insulation.
The type and method of insulation required in the roof area will very much depend on the style of the roof involved be it a flat or a ridge style roof.
, For Example,:

  • Attic floors can either be insulated between the joists or above the joists using rigid foam board.
  • The Roof ridged area is usually insulated be filling between the rafters.
  • Flat roofs are best insulated with rigid foam insulation board.

There are a myriad of insulation materials used for insulating the roof areas. As up to 30% of heat can be lost from this part of your home it is important to give very careful consideration to the overall u-value of the insulation material considered.

The main types of Roof and Attic Insulation materials are:

  • Mineral wool.
  • Sheeps wool.
  • Rigid foam insulation sheets.
  • Liquid foam.
  • polystyrene beads.

Advantages of Roof/Attic Insulation:

  • A very efficient form of energy conservation.
  • Low instalation costs.
  • Low cost payback periods.
  • Improved BER rating.
  • Lower energy bills.

disavantages of :

  • The intial cost.


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