The Sentinel

Put an end to vacant and Derelict Buildings

The front page slide shows a picture from the Main Street in Balbriggan. A whole block of buildings left derelict for years.

Make these buildings functional and ensure they are completed to highest energy standards possible.  

The Sentinel  building below could be home to almost a 1000 residents. All that is needed is our Government to take charge.

Work commenced on this building, the Sentinel, in Sandyford Co. Dublin in 2007. It was originally intended to have 300 office units and to include some residential units. The Comer Brothers bought this unfinished building in 2011 for just €850,000 with the intention of repurposing for residential use. Take at look at this building in 2023! #Derelict Republic
The developer failed to complete the building which then ended up in the hands of another developer, Dante Property Company, who acquired the property in 2011. Dante were given permission by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council to complete the building

What is going on?

Who is to blame for such waste of valuable property sites?

It is time for our elected leaders to do the job they were elected and paid handsomely to do. Is it too much to ask our Government to work tirelessly on our behalf to resolve the shortfall in the housing stock.  A shortfall caused by years of neglect by our decision makers.  Local Authorities should involve them themselves directly in the property development process as they did in the 1960's, 1970' etc.