Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens of Dublin

One of the big issue associate with urban sprawl is the loss to the environment of living plantscapes. Therefore, when Johnny Ronan suggested developing some Dublin Dockland areas into high-rise style buildings with a distinctive green look the detractors were out in force to condemn his planned vision for the future.

This is exactly what is needed in Dublin to minimise the high tech nature of current buildings going up all around the City. Developers should be encouraged to come up with ideas that will return some of the green lost over the past few centuries.

I remember before the O'Connell Street Spire went up in Dublin, the City Developers had spend a lot of their marketing budget trying to find the appropriate replacement for the Nelson Pillar monument that was blown up in 1966. Whether you think the hypodermic style monument that now exists was a good enough replacement for Nelson we will leave that in the eye of the beholder?

So I say, fair play to Johnny Ronan for having the courage to stand up to all the high rise detractors by suggesting even bigger building but with a large emphasis on urban plants that would grace these tall wonders from top to bottom.