Armaflex Insulation 15mm (13mm wall) -10m Roll

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Armaflex Insulation 15mm (13mm wall) per 10m Roll

Key Benefits

  • High Temperature and High Efficiency Pipe Insulation
  • Armaflex Insulation 10mm (13mm wall) priced per 10m roll


Product Description

Armaflex Insulation 15mm (13mm wall) - 10m Roll

 Key Benefits:
  • High Temperature and High Efficiency Pipe Insulation
  • Armaflex Insulation 10mm (13mm wall)

Armaflex Insulation 15mm (13mm wall) - priced per 10m Roll
High temperature insulation for solar use 15mm internal diameter, 13mm wall thickness; suitable for up to 175c constant temperature or up to 230c for short periods.HTArmaflex is the insulation that meets the growing demand for a reliable and environmentally friendly flexible insulation material that can be used at higher temperature.
- Remains flexible at high temperatures of up to + 150degC** and low temperatures down to -200degC.
- UV-resistant and can be installed outside without additional protective measures.
- Class 1 resistance to flame spread in accordance with BS 476 Part 7 test procedure.
- Built-in vapour barrier prevents condensation.
- Improved resistance against oil.
- Reduced smoke development in the event of fire.
- Lightweight and flexible: quick and easy installation with low maintenance requirements resulting in time and cost savings.
- Dust, fibre and CFC free with an ODP zero.
- Thermal Conductivity at +40 deg C 0.045 W(m . K)
- Water vapour Permeability Moisture resistance Factor µ > 2,500
- Water Absorption 0.2% by volume
- Surface Spread of Flames Class 1
- Reaction to fire Self-extinguishing, does not drip
- Noise Reduction Sound Absorption Coefficient ISO 354:2003 up to 0.8
- Resistance to Building Materials Very Good - Ozone Very Good - UV Very Good
- Environmental Aspects ODP zero, GWP zero
- Health Aspects Dust Fibre Free
- Thermal Conductivity at 0 deg C 0.040 W(m . K)


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