pollution-icon350Pollution is the existence or the introduction of any harmful or poisonous substance into our environment. It is a major concern for world governments as we proceed into the 21st century. In

Pollution can come from chemicals, energy in the form of noise or light. The sources of pollution can be either naturally occurring or can be introduced through some human activity such as industry or intensive farming.


Water Pollution

Water can become contaminated in many ways. It can come from a discharge of wastewater from some industrial waste product. This can be deliberate or accidental. No matter how it happens the result can be devastating. Municipal water supplies can become contaminated for months or even years in some cases. Other sources of water pollution come from untreated domestic waste that is discharged in to water courses that end up in our drinking water. Agricultural runoff contaminated either with farm chemicals or animal waste can be a major source of water pollution. Oil spillage is also extremely serious if it gets into the water table. The effects of even a minor spill can spread far and wide and last for a long time. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of serious contamination in large towns and cities everywhere. Chemicals used in these industries were deposited in water courses with very little regulatory control. The polluted streams and rivers ended up in drinking water supplies some many miles away from the original source of the contamination. Extensive agriculture is another source of concern when it comes to our fresh water supplies.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the release of toxic chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere. Some of the most common forms of air pollution gases include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and nitrogen oxides to name but a few. These gases come mainly from industry and motor cars emissions. Our homes can also be major source of air pollution. Smog in cities such as Dublin and London due to the burning of smoky fuels lead to many deaths until bans were put in place in the late 20th century. Today our homes give off gases from Oil and Gas burning central heating systems. Carbon neutral rated central heating systems in the form of biomass also contribute to poor air quality.

Other forms of Pollution:

  • Light pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Ground pollution
  • Littering
  • Radioactive pollution
  • Visual Pollution
  • Plastic pollution
  • Oil Spill

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