sustainable materials

Sustainable materials are products that may have a very long life span or can be easily re-used at the end of its lifespan. Here are some examples:

  • Wood is an example of a very sustainable material.
  • Plastic, on the other hand is considered to be very unsustainable. However, even plastic can have a role in a sustainable environment. For example hard semi-hard plastic can be used over and over again if used for the purpose of purchasing fruit and vegetables at your local store instead of using throw away plastic bags.
  • Furniture made from Bamboo; bamboo is a vigorous and fast growing plant that is great for carbon-fixing and oxygen production.
  • Use cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic ones.
  • Organic vegetables are very sustainable because of the methods deploed in growing them. Growers recycle organic waste thus reducing river lake and sea pollution.
  • Plant fast growing trees in your garden for biomass burners.
  • Insulating your home reduces the fossil fuel burning.
  • Use only energy saving light bulbs.
  • Consider using sheep wool insulation in your home instead of glass fibre.