Thermal Imaging

List of Thermal Imaging Assessors

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Some brief information on Thermal Imaging.
Thermal Imaging cameras utilise the infrared light spectrum to detect heat loss in your home. It can be used to identify the effectiveness of wall insulation etc. Thermal bridges are easily detected using thermal imaging. Thermal bridges are small pockets of heat loss.

Thermal thermometers are usually incorporated into these cameras. This feature can show areas of differential temperatures in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

Advantages of Thermal Imaging:

  • Relatively low energy survey costs.
  • It is a non-destructive form of test.
  • Can be of major benefit in deciding the types if insulation required for your home.

Disadvantages of Thermal Imaging:

  • Higher overall costs for determining thermal properties of complex building structures, so shop around.
  • Summer surveys are not as accurate as Winters ones due to inside/outside temperature differentials.