Underfloor Heating

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Some brief information on Underfloor Heating.
This consists of a series of hot water pipes, usually under the ground floor floorboards. The network of flexible hot water pipes will usually cover the entire ground floor area, wall to wall.

There are many ways that this type of heating system can go wrong. For example, if the source heat is not adequate then the home will not be sufficiently heated. So make sure you see the entire design plans before giving the go ahead. Get definitive heat output values from the system design team.

Use only very experienced designers and installer and get loads of feedback from past customers. When speaking to past clients ask them if their home is adequately heated in the depths of winter or they do use supplementary heating. There are many design variables to be considered before choosing, such as boiler type and size? How much heat will reach the upper floor levels etc.?

Advantages of Underfloor Heating:

  • This is a very efficient form of home heating.
  • Very uniform distribution of heat, especially on the ground floors
  • Overall energy bills will be lower.

Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating:

  • High initial cost outlay.
  • Energy bills can be very much higher in extremely cold weather if air-source heat pumps are being deployed.