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Some brief information on Wind Turbine.
In Ireland, we have enough wind supply to be leaders, worldwide, in generating energy from this source. Almost 50% of our electricity has come from wind energy at various times over recent years.

Most of the wind electricity generation in Ireland comes from the Corporate sector, however, we should be making more inroads into the Domestic wind market. Many farms throughout Ireland have lots of space for erecting stand-alone wind turbines. The problem, it would seem, has to do with the restrictions set down by ESB Networks who are charged with managing our overall supply and distribution. Not enough money has been invested to ensure that excess energy from domestic wind turbines is transferred to the national electricity grid.

Advantages of Wind Energy:

  • Free energy when the wind is blowing.
  • No carbon footprint.
  • No air pollution.
  • Overall reduction in energy bills.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy:

  • High installation costs.
  • Flicker issues for some homes located near the turbines.