Internal Wall Insulation

List of Internal Wall Insulation Companies

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Some brief information on Internal Wall Insulation
Where External insulation is not possible for various reasons such as cost or complexity, internal wall insulation is the next best alternative. The most common type of Internal wall insulation is also known as dry lining. In this process, the internal walls have insulation boards applied to them. A good idea is to include an airtightness membrane before mounting the insulation boards.

It should be mentioned, however, at this stage that depending on the type of house involved different materials such as glass fibre rolls can be used as an alternative to dry lining.

Advantages of Internal Wall Insulation

  • Much cheaper than external Insulation
  • Less time to complete than external insulation
  • Improved Heat Retention
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Probably the easiest way to make the walls airtight from the outside
  • A greater improvement in Energy Rating

disavantages of Internal Wall Insulation

  • It is very difficult to resolve all the thermal bridging issues - these are areas where higher u-values mean slightly higher heat losses.
  • A reduction in the room volumes


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